The child is supervised. How to remotely monitor a child’s phone

In today’s world of increased technology and social media use, it can be hard to keep an eye on our kids. With constantly changing trends, it is important to have measures in place that allow us to monitor the phones of our children. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible for parents to remotely monitor their child’s phone without having to be physically present. In this article, we will explore the various ways you can supervise your child’s phone usage and what steps you can take to protect them from online dangers.

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Balloon bouquet decoration ideas

Balloons are one of the most versatile decorations out there. They are easy to set up, affordable and make a great addition to any celebration. From classic balloon bouquets to modern designs, there’s no limit to what you can create with balloons. In this blog post, we will explore some creative balloon bouquet decoration ideas that will turn any party or event into something special. From simple yet stunning combinations to extravagant creations, get inspired by these eye-catching arrangements and take your decorating game to the next level!

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Top 5 Best Muslim Dating Websites To Try In 2018

When you have seriously decided to date someone, shared values become the first priority of yours. Especially if you’re trying to build a happy lifelong partnership, you will likely prefer your religious views to be compatible and harmonic with those of your date’s. So, the earlier you manage to cement that bond with your romantic partner, the better your chemistry will be.

And if you are a Muslim single looking for a date within your faith but aren’t really sure where to look — we’ve got your back on this one!

Today we’d like to present you a short list of 5 very best Muslim dating sites for singles. So, no matter if you’re seeking marriage or just a nice person to become friends with, these Muslim dating services can offer you quite a number of dating options.


Helahel com presents quite a modern dating scene designed in accordance with the principles and rules of Islam. The site’s primary objective is to provide Muslim singles highly professional help finding a husband or wife.

Concerning searching for members’ profiles, it is surprisingly easy on the website. Helahel lets all its users find and contact each other absolutely for free without putting in your credit card information. Always safe and welcoming, the service keeps inspiring many lifelong partnerships between people committed to Islamic values.


ArabLounge encourages Muslim singles from all around the world to chat and eventually meet each other. Your personalized News Feed will deliver you constant updates regarding new profiles that may catch your eye. Moreover, in your Activity Panel you’ll be able to view those who have visited your profile and marked it as a favorite. If you like, you can go for a Platinum membership in order to begin messaging absolutely safely on the Internet.


BestMuslim com is literally crammed with profiles of Muslim singles there for the picking. This Muslim dating resource offers totally free online browsing through hundreds of active profiles all waiting for you there. Plus, you don’t need to be a member to view the photo gallery of Muslim singles, yet you have to sign up in order to use the platform’s advanced search filters and be able to join chat rooms and forums.


Fostering love, friendship and unity, SalaamLove provides free registrations for those searching to try out the service’s features. What definitely sets it apart from a number of other Muslim dating sites is the website’s extensive list featuring more than 100 questions about your hobbies, background, lifestyle, and even more for you to showcase your personality.


Single Muslim daters looking for a perfect match may choose to join IslamicMarriage online dating society with single girl online to discover an extensive database of users to match with. The website keeps its members’ personal information intact with a special safety protocol. Furthermore, it is free to sign up, browse other users’ profiles, upload up to 20 images, receive chat invitations and join chat rooms.

Common Myths About Muslim Relationships

There is a number of myths and beliefs regarding Muslim relationships and marriage that are constantly endorsed and spread among single daters via hearsay, and through printed sources based mostly on fantasy and fiction. With that being said, the experience of real life, though, tends to be abolishing most if not all of them.Just recently, Muslims prefer ukraine girl dating.

Myth #1: Marriage is the outcome of romance and love

Fact: In Islam, it is essentially the other way around

In contrast, many prevalent arranged marriages appear to be so lackluster, forced and boring. In this way, we would rather incredulously wonder just how some people could commit and agree to spend the rest of their lives with those they did not even know well enough, and thus, did not “love”?

Only the love in Muslim romantic relationships is the true love. The true love – though it might be lacking the outwardly attractive but mostly fake ‘glamour’ of typical love fiction, is a real priceless blessing.

Myth #2: Romantic partners should always stick together

Fact: Time apart is proven to keep the spark alive

Many of us sometimes assume that if two people truly love each other, they’d probably want to be together, like, day and night. At the same time, the fact is that, if two people in love do not take breaks from one another’s company, pretty soon they will start irritating each other.

When each party regularly avails to spend short bursts of time somewhere else, the couple will be able to successfully maintain that absolutely positive relationship equilibrium keeping both the spark and chemistry in the relationship burning and alive.

Myth #3: Happy couples never fight

Fact: If romantic partners never fight, they don’t really care about each other

If we take a deeper look at any committed relationship, we will admit that constant friction and fall-outs intermittently happen in every loving relationship. It is literally impossible for any romantic partnership to be free of arguments and periods of time when both sides do not feel happy enough with each other, and hence become distant, still being in love.

Temporary time apart from one another allows mutual anger to dissipate and the partners to focus rationally upon their relationship, allowing the moment of patching up to be much sweeter and way more anticipated.

Myth #4: You will always be missing your parents’ home

Fact: A totally happy marital home can eventually provide more tranquility

Of course, both parties involved may cling to their parents at first. No doubt, the apron-strings need some time in order to get severed, but if both partners finally succeed in becoming emotional pillars of strength for one another, there will certainly come a time when they would rather be together, during either good or bad times, than with their parents.

When mutual love and compassion become the foundation of a healthy marriage, both partners will join forces to take care of not just one another, but of one another’s families, when the need arises.